Monday, July 23, 2018

Best Buddies Leadership Conference

Keeping 2000 people at the ready until the photo is made.
The Friendship Walk photo, scouted the best ladder placement to get what is needed.  
July 19-22--Bloomington, IN--Covering the same event for over ten years can be monotonous, however it is a challenge.  The basic structure is nearly the same each year, the participants change, the venue remains the same so the goal is to find something new, and improve upon the past successful images.  That is what keeps photography fresh, the creative challenge to do something new, different and hopefully interesting for the client as well as for one's creative & competitive nature.

The Best Buddies Leadership Conference brings over 2200 student leaders from all across the United States and 40 nations.  They spend three days learning how to create opportunities for Best Buddies participants.  There are classroom activities, inspirational speakers, group exercises, and entertainment.  This is the most inspiring and emotionally driven event one will ever attend.  The effect this organization has made in the lives of its participants is amazing.  See the website and hear the testimonials.  Enhancing the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  However everyone who participates, their life is enhanced!

The images are about showing faces and friendship.  Hopefully it all comes across in the 3300+ images made during the three days.  These images are just a few of the favorites.  Which is your favorite image?

At the start of opening ceremonies shot from the balcony.  
Convening at the sign for a state group photograph, the moving in for that emotional closeup. 
Award shots are a large component of the images needed.  Whether it is on stage or on a step and repeat, quickness and composing the elements is vital.  Best Buddies Jobs employee David Asbury receiving his award. 
Rebecca Black on stage with Buddy Ambassadors 
Christopher Gray shared his story and business that was featured on Shark Tank. 
Buddy Pair Michael and Harrison
Anthony Shriver with Buddy Ambassador Jack Marren
Clowning around with Peyton Meares
Buddy Ambassador Jamel Wills and his buddy 
Founder and Chairman of Best Buddies Anthony K. Shriver
The photos made from backstage are favorites.  
Photography Copyright 2018 Laurence L. Levin
All Rights Reserved.  No usage without written permission.
Instagram @larrylevin

All photos made with a Nikon D850 and 70-200mm f/2.8 VR Nikkor, 24-120 f/4 Nikkor and SB-5000 Speedlight.  This combination provides me with the versatility to handle all types of situations, from low light meeting rooms, stage shots with spotlights, indoor classrooms, to group shots outside.  With the ability to change ISO to match the light conditions.  The high ISO barely can you see the noise.  Incredible resolution and white balance, fortunate to have this high end equipment.

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