Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 From My Window Seat

Departing from Chicago O'Hare
More information about O'Hare
From My Window Seat.  Images made in 2017.  Flying over 60 flights per year can get tedious,  how many magazines, movies, or boring passengers can you deal with.  Always taking a window seat alleviates some of the boredom.  Always something interesting to see, even if it is a cloud formation, it helps to think or dream.  It is a challenge to make an interesting photo, usually it occurs after departure or before arrival.  The other task is to practice downloading the image immediately from the camera to the iPhone.  The next step is to use phone apps to make adjustments and upload to Instagram. All something to keep me busy, sharpen skills and make some fun photos. 

Departing Newark Airport
Off the Florida Coast, Atlantic Ocean
Arrival in Havana, Cuba
Railroad yard, O'Hare Airport in Chicago
The National Mall, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and US Capitol
Shadow over Chicago
Seems a little to close for me.
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