Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Great Falls Colors

Great Falls, VA scene from the parking lot.
November 11--Great Falls, Virginia--Only 15 miles from the heart of Washington, DC, Great Falls National Park is located at the area where the Potomac River narrows and drops through the Mather Gorge.  The fast moving water creates a majestic area to view the river at its inhabitants.  The autumn provides incredible colors during sunrise and as the trees change.  As the saying goes, you don't need to travel all over the world to see incredible landscapes, you just have to look in your own backyard.  Right out of the parking lot, the pastel colors were photographed, just a few steps from my car.
Great Falls, Va 
Catching the light 
Photo made with a Nikon D810 24-120mm and 70-200 with 1.4 Teleconverter. ISO range 1600, 250, 800.  The convenience of digital is the ability to change ISO for the varying light conditions.  At 8am,  the trees were still in a bit of shade thus at 1600 ISO the camera was able to capture all the various shades of color.  At full morning sun, the cliff near the river only needed an ISO of 250.   For the leaf image, with the teleconverter on the 70-200 lens (500mm) 800 ISO was needed to hand hold the camera with a shutter speed of 1/640.

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