Thursday, June 23, 2016

They "Like" My Photos, Social Media Successes

June 23, 2016--Social Media provides not only another outlet to show photography and gain more attention for your cause, but it give you a sense of gratification when a viewer "likes" your image.  An important item to this delivery is the channel or page your image is posted to, not only does it need to be a good photo but something of interest and a sports superstar will help too!

2014 Kyrie Irving at the Best Buddies Leadership Conference photo was posted 75 weeks ago on the Best Buddies Instagram Page.   It received 2,130 likes.

The same photo was posted last week, celebrating the NBA Championship and so far has 1,362 Likes

This photo made at the 2016 Best Buddies Tom Brady Football Challenge and was posted on the Best Buddies Instagram Page.  It received 1,708 likes, 28 comments and countless shares.

The best liked photo so far with over 67,000 likes posted on Kyrie Irving's Instagram page is Kyrie and Joey Shriver at the 2014 Best Buddies Leadership Conference.  Kyrie has only 5,900,000 followers on Instagram.  It's all about placement!

All Photos by Laurence L. Levin
Instagram @larrylevin
Instagram @bestbuddies 

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