Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Middle East Institute Annual Conference

Keynote Speaker Senator Tim Kaine
November 19-20--Washington, DC--The Middle East Institute hosted their 68th Annual Conference at the Grand Hyatt.  This two day reception and conference honored dignitaries in their quest to inform and make a difference in Middle East.  The conference entitled "Navigating the Storm: The Middle East in 2015" provided a variety of ideas, opportunities and transitions for peace, harmony and goodwill.
MEI Visionary Award Winner Shafik Gabr
Panelist Cenqiz Candar
Technical Notes:  Images shot on Nikon D810 and Df cameras.  So you think you can shoot these images on a camera phone?  You might get one or two usable images with your camera phone.  To get consistent usable imagery, I used quality Nikkor lenses, shot at high ISO, color balanced the files and adjusted for grain and sharpness. There were five panels with five panelists.  Each person was photographed as well as group and audience photographs.  Each person was photographed from various angles and hopefully at a good moment.  Over 2000 frames were made throughout the event but that number was edited to show only publication worthy images.

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