Saturday, April 05, 2014

TEDx Fulbright

Harriet Fulbright
April 5--Washington, DC--TEDx Fulbright,  an independently organized TED event held at the US Chamber of Commerce was a day of speakers sharing their innovations, ideas and Fulbright experiences.
Romain Lacombe, "Democracy in the Age of Data"
Michael Forster Rothbart, "Boxing Outside the Think: Creativity, Photography, and Seeing the World Anew"
Pritzer College President, Laura Trombley, Servus! Lessons Learned in Presidential Leadership the Bavarian Way
Celloist Danielle Cho
Massimiliano Versace, "Neuromorphics: Machines to Life"
Lisa Dyson,  "Turning CO2 into Oil"
The control panel: remote control of 4 cameras for Livecast and online videos.
The Speakers
Photo Notes:  The majority of the images made were shot with a Nikon D800.  Since they were streaming each speaker live on the Internet, a Jacobson Soundblimp encased the camera to eliminate any shutter sound.  I was given the ability to shoot anywhere within the room.  Since each presenter had less than 18 minutes, I had to work various angles and views quickly.  The room was expertly lit which made the exposures consistent.  I just had to keep out of view the four video cameras and maneuver throughout the room to get the coverage.

All Photography Copyright Laurence L. Levin

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