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The Importance of Quality Real Estate Photography

Exterior shot in HDR with full frame sensor
The Importance of Quality Real Estate Photography

It might look easy but in actuality it is such an important sales tool that can't be taken for granted.  As you know, we are a visual society.  Our most precious memories are captured in photographs. We learn better with visuals.  And, we are enticed to buy things by images..

Good images provide you a leg up to market your property.  Making your place look great in photographs demands a professional photographer.  High-end equipment, knowing how to utilize the light and proper post-production are essential tools to quality photography.

Living room and dinning room.  Lines and angles are straight
A camera with a full sensor and large file size capture detail and in all lighting conditions that means better image quality.  The use of HDR (High Definition Resolution) creates images that captures a combination of lighting and brings out details in the photos.  

Various light sources and it looks natural
It is vital to show how the light showers each room.  Positioning, proper exposure and use of all available lights are the qualities that emphasize your space and how it looks.  

Great room and you can see the fire in the fireplace.

The most important aspect is make sure lines are straight and angles are true in your images.  The rooms must not look distorted.  Tilting your camera or a wide-angle lens can distort the room. Proper use of post-production techniques, will straighten lines and make the room look natural.  

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