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Top Tips When Hiring an Event Photographer

Senate Hearing on Alzheimer's 

Bosses, co-workers, members, clients, and constituencies judge images immediately.  Photos must capture attention, inform, and be remembered for their positive impressions.  Superior photography is vital for press releases, social media posts, newsletters, brochures, to market future events, also photos make nice mementos for event attendees. Here are some important aspects in hiring an event photographer. 


Choose Wisely 

A seasoned photographer is able to make consistent and technically excellent images in difficult situations.  Find a photographer who is flexible, creative and can positively represent your organization. She/He must be expert in photographic composition, lighting, and postproduction while remaining personable and diplomatic in relationships with your VIPs and attendees.  


Make Lists

Envision your needs ahead of time.  The types of images you need include individuals making presentations, group shots, audience reactions, product demonstrations, events, vendor booths, people working, award presentations, meet & greets and red-carpet events.  Think about staging, coordinating schedules so that all the right people are present for the photo, and timing (don’t schedule must need photos at the same time.)


Ensuring the final photo’s success requires effective communication of your visual needs and objectives.  Your image professional should assist you in developing “shot lists” and understand your “show flow.”   Timing and knowledge of what is going to happen helps to get every photo you need.  


Additionally, do your plans require specific graphical formats for publication? Let the photographer know your art director’s needs.  


Experience Counts

Your image pro’s experience can be critical to you in controlling the quality of the final delivered images.  Knowing how to solve last minute problems is a vital skill.

The photographer should approach event subjects journalistically. Images should appear “in the moment” rather than “contrived.”


Behind the scenes

Make certain your hired professional can function in chaotic situations while remaining unobtrusive at your event.  


The photographer should have the latest professional equipment.  Better files, color and image quality improve with the updated models.  Another aspect to the photographer is their ability to provide post-production of your final images.  

All files out the camera need adjustments to enhance quality.  


Details Matter

An experienced event photographer offers advance guidance to all aspects of the event. Helping people in the photos look their best. Working each situation to provide picture options.  Helping to determine if your staging is well lit or provide suggestions for better backgrounds.  High quality source lighting overcomes some challenging conditions, but pre-awareness of potential areas of difficulty ensures the most dependable result. 


Staging for a Panel Discussion

Will your event feature panel discussions? Using a backdrop? A clean background with your company branding can be a good investment.  Please when ordering it get a matte finish to minimize reflections. Have table distractions relating to expert panels been minimized?  Are microphones available in non-reflective materials? 

Panel Discussions:
clean backgrounds, non-distracting microphones and quality lighting


Delivering the quality of images, you deserve requires a photographer who understands what goes into planning and execution to provide you with exceptional images from your event.  


Your hired pro should respond in a timely manner, solve problems, and overcome challenges. Expect the unexpected and knowing how to deal with those situations is what the best image pros do.  Your choice will have the experience to capitalize on special moments that exceed your expectations and make your event memorable. 


Please send me your comments with your experiences and happy to answer any questions. 


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On Assignment--BestBuddies Living

BestBuddies Living participants

For more years than I want to admit, I have documented the events and the people for Best Buddies. We have made pictures in all parts of the country showing the abilities and personalities of many of the participants.  

Since 1989, Best Buddies’ mission is to provide opportunities for individual with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).  Through four mission pillars—one-to-one friendships, integrated employment, leadership development and inclusive living--Best Buddies is changing the lives of millions of people.  

Residents work and study together

In 2019, the fourth pillar, BESTBUDDIES Living was established to provide inclusive living for people with and without IDD.  They are forming active homes where participants can learn, grow and thrive independently.

A common area offers opportunities for all types of activities.

My assignment was to document the newest home in Washington, DC.  The goal is to show everyday activities of the participants living in their space; eating, cleaning, studying and playing.  The resulting images will be used to promote the program and attract new residents.

Lifelong relationship are made through
sharing experiences and activities

All images made with Nikon Z6 cameras and Nikkor lenses.  Shot on location at the BestBuddies Living residence at Union Market, Washington, DC 

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Thursday, November 26, 2020

7 Tips on Surviving the Pandemic: Suggestions to Grow Professionally

Almost a year gone and who knows how much longer.  Time is of the essence, and this slowdown in business activity made me realize the importance of being productive.  So when this pandemic is over, I will be ready to return to business as usual.  I wanted to share these 7 action items I incorporated to prepare my business and grow professionally.  

1.   Update your website/social media

A daunting task everyone has is updating their website and social media.  You always want to keep it all fresh to attract attention.  Choosing new images and creating new text is a time-consuming process.  Edit current content, add new images and text.  Just as important is the website design.  Keep the branding consistent through logos, type and theme.  My website host is Sitewelder.  This system has advantages; change designs easily while keeping content consistent, huge selection of designs, great SEO and top-quality customer service.

View my updated website

2.  LinkedIn, LinkedIn, LinkedIn

Rediscover LinkedIn to build and engage your professional network for opportunities. Update your profile, upload a current image, highlight your accomplishments.   There are many aspects to your profile.  The best book to assist you is the updated for 2021, “LinkedIn for Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide” by Sandra Long.  This book provides everything you need to make the most of your LinkedIn experience. 


3.  LinkedIn, Part 2. Build your network

Even with a “free” account you can do searches to connect to potential clients.  Find people in your area, look for job titles, or companies, these are just a few search filters.  Go to the search bar at the top left, enter a keyword.  After going to the results, you can go to the filter to further refine it.  You can do this process for a job search.  Click on Jobs on the menu bar on top of the bar.


4.  Find a New Side Hustle 

Need a Plan B?  What is your passion?  Can you earn extra income from doing things you love?  One of my passions in basketball.  Having officiated games for years, it keeps me active, motivates me to stay in shape, meet wonderful people who turned into lifelong friends and earn a few bucks.  However, the high school basketball season is on hold.  But the learning goes on, through weekly Zoom meetings.


To discover your side hustle read, “Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days”, by Chris Guillebeau.  Also, he has a free daily podcast.  


My new side hustle is a Notary Public.  See my Notary profile.  I get to meet new people, help them to facilitate complex documents and make extra income. 

5.  Stay Active

During this stay-at-home predicament, it is important to stay active, to keep your body effective, protect your health, control your weight, prevent stress plus improve your sleep.  You can get outside to walk, bike or run.  A great inside activity is Yoga.  A wonderful free collection of yoga practices on YouTube is by SarahBethYoga.   She provides easy to follow routines for every level.  Try it, you will like it.


6.  Catch Up on Your Reading

Expand your knowledge, you probably have a pile of books you want to read. Make time each day to read.  If you are an Amazon Prime member, they provide a free monthly selection of books to read.  Just download the books to your Kindle device.  

7.  Expand on Your Hobbies

Nothing like a hobby to keep your mind active and do something you like.  These past few months, I jumped on my bike with my camera to explore the surrounding areas of the C&O Canal National Park.  Photographed wildlife and activities.  Great exercise as well as sharpened my photographic skills.


The short video of my nature photos from this year. 

Hopefully these suggestions will motivate you and help you navigate these strange times.  Please keep in touch.  Let me know what you are doing to get you through the pandemic.  Stay healthy, productive and sane!

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Monday, November 16, 2020

Within Six Miles

Within six miles of my house, along the C&O Trail National Park, Glover-Archbold National Park and Potomac River, hopped on my bike and was able to photograph the mammals, birds, and scenes.  This was a truly an amazing 8 months capturing the various animal activities and scenics. The most important aspect of nature photography is patience.  You wait for the light, you wait for something to happen, you just walk slower, so you can really see what happens right before you.  Sometimes you just can't move, you need to make your photo instantly without making a disturbance.  All of these skills are applicable to all types of photography.  Be ready, have your camera set up, compose the frame tightly, be still, anticipate the action and sometimes you just get lucky.

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Monday, September 21, 2020

Get Noticed on LinkedIn: Top Tips for Your Profile Photo

Getting Noticed on LinkedIn

In today's visual world, you need to create your digital persona.  Your profile photo is the opportunity to show your confidence, integrity, and friendliness.  The way you connect with the camera is how you will be perceived.  Your pose, posture and dress reveals your personality.  These visual clues revealed in your photo helps to define you.

"Members with profile photos can receive up to 21 times more profile views than those without profile photos."---LinkedIn

"Likable people are more apt to be hired, get help at work, get useful information from others and have mistakes forgiven." ---The Wall Street Journal

professional photograph is "the best investment you can make in your personal brand and self-confidence." ---Sandra Long, Author, LinkedIn for Your Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide. 

Executive Director
According to Sandra Long, although it may be obvious, your photo should be recent, reflecting what you currently look like, The headshot should be a professional look, smiling and confident. 

Investing in your personal brand, helps you separate yourself from others.  This is the instant chance to make that positive first impression.  your portrait and all the images & visuals you post define you and your personal brand.  It shows your true self.

Create an Image that Defines You

Confidence is attractive.  The tone of your image should be perceived that you are approachable and accessible.  Thus, things you should avoid: 1. The deer the the headlight look.  2. The forced or the fake smile.  3. The ambiguous expression--a blank or neutral look.(It can be misinterpreted as something undesirable.

The Top Tips for Your Profile Photo

  • Philanthropist
    Connect with the camera, this helps people looking at your photo develop a personal connection with you.  You want to show your comfort level and confidence.  Research shows people who maintain eye contact have a higher IQ.
  • Have a gentile, genuine and uniform smile, that is relaxed and natural.  The consensus of many studies proves the smile is interpreted as someone who is more likable, competent and influential.
  • Look confident, your body language, how you stand, lean or tilt your head has a subconscious affect. A power pose and from a a camera angle just a little below eye level can give you an authoritative feel.
  • Show your "better side," put your best features toward the camera.  
  • Professional attire.  As the saying goes, dress for success.  Little things make a difference.  Wear clean and pressed clothes.  Button your business blazer or sweater.
  • The lighting is vital to your portrait.  Strong direct light accentuates wrinkles, skin issues, also it can be uneven light, that causes hot spots and shadows which are distracting.  Diffused lighting helps to eliminate imperfections.  Soft light makes you look youthful and healthier.  This lighting will make your eyes seem steady, balanced and pleasant.  The right light is even in intensity and doesn't discolor your features. 

Editing Your Portrait 


All digital images straight out of the camera needs a few corrections.  
The adjustments and enhancementscan include: color correction, skin smoothing, wrinkle reduction and softening the dark circles under the eyes, and you need to resize the photo for LinkedIn (or other social media specifications,)

Helpful Links:


Make sure that any photos, media or visuals you add are professional quality.  People looking at your photos are visual literate; poor quality is a bad reflection on you.  Hire a professional photographer for your profile photo.  She/he is trained to help you look self-assured, poised, influential, competent, genuine, and approachable.  They have the skills to light your properly and do the right editing to make you look your best.

If you liked this post,  please share with a friend or colleague.  Any comments or questions, happy to answer, please contact me at 

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Friday, August 14, 2020

The Freelancing Life: Getting the Assignment and Lessons Learned

The studio where it happened.  Safety first. 

The destiny of freelancing is you never know the type of opportunities that will present themselves.  You will receive a phone call or email asking, “would you be interested in……”? You need to figure out: can I do it?  If yes, the next question is when can it get done?  This scenario is even more gratifying when it is a referral from someone in your network. 

Recently, I did have this situation presented to me.  An entrepreneur was working on a start-up company.  She produced a clothing line incorporating smart technology fabric with antimicrobial technology. The assignment was to photograph her models in the various clothes and product shots.  Her models were her friends with not much modeling experience.  

All had to be done soon with a quick turnaround of images with post-production.  No doubt a lot of work, plus done on her limited budget.  Oh, and I had to “model” for the video that was produced.  

There is no better feeling than when you can help someone to achieve their goal.  Especially, getting on the ground floor of a worthy business.  The shoot was great, fashion isn’t something I usually do, but the skills from what I have done made this work.  Although, the models were inexperienced, we made it fun and their enthusiasm shows in the photos.  

The client was excited with the final images.  The photos are used on the Instagram feed, website, Kickstarter, catalog, Facebook, and anywhere else to promote the brand.  

Lessons learned:

1.     Karma is a good thing, even if you don’t get your usual fee, when you help a start-up, you never know what possibilities can happen.

2.     Meeting new people and sharing your network helps your business grow.

3.     Take on something new, use your experience to enhance your skill set.

4.     It’s about the experience, make it fun and interesting for yourself and all the participants. 

5.     Share what you know.  Teaching is a lifelong passion that enhances everyone around you.  



Here are several of the images from the shoot.  


A composite image of the 5 models 
Adriana and Saliho

Adriana & Noah




Please visit & share the website

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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Supporting Charities When We Shop

Any normal weekend, this retail street in the Georgetown area of Washington, DC, would be crowded.
No traffic, few pedestrians  during the Covid-19 shutdown.  This event
has hurt not only retail but the charities you and I support.  
Since I work with many charities and needless to say, during these unprecedented times, the charities you and I support are in need of funding.  There are two simple and helpful ways we can assist in filling some of the gap.  

If you shop on Amazon, you can designate a portion of the sale to go to your selected charity.  The program in called AmazonSmile. This does not increase the prices of the items you buy.  Amazon donates 0.5% of the eligible purchase to the charity.  All you have to do is go to each time you shop.  Make sure you select the charity from the list. This selection is saved to your account.  So every time you make a purchase, the Amazon Foundation makes a donation.  The money is sent quarterly to the organization.  

Since the program started seven years ago, over $169,000,000 has been donated to over 1000 charities.  Learn more at

The current update of impact of my purchases.
You may say it's small, but think if everyone participated!

Coin Up
Your chosen charity needs to register with Coin Up. Then using the App on your phone, you sign up. You choose the charity.  You chose your credit card or debit card. You set the limit of donation per month. When you make a purchase on your credit card, the purchase amount is rounded up to the nearest dollar or you can do a set amount each month.  At the end of the month, this “spare change” is credited to your chosen charity.  

The Coin Up phone App. 
If everyone did a small part, that would make it impactful.  
These two methods are easy, and these simple acts of kindness can help the most in need.  

Full disclosure, my cousin works for Coin Up.  No renumeration from either mentioned in this article.  

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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Before/After Photography Assignments

Before Photo.  Circa 1981 
While still a student at Indiana University, was working on a story about a Big Ten Basketball Referee for The Chicago Tribune.  Found this photo, (forgot the photographer who made it), sitting on the floor at Assembly Hall with a great mentor to me as well as every photo-journalism student at IU, Dave Repp.  He was a great friend to all.  
I had my Nikon and wore those big glasses. 

What a time it was at Indiana, it was still the Bob Knight era of great basketball.  Fortunate to follow my passion of basketball and photography.  The story that appeared in The Tribune was focused on Verl Sell, a seasoned official. Sports writer legend Bill Jauss wrote the story.  It appeared as a picture story, full spread on the back page.  Amazing time for photography as well as, it now seems it was too easy to get that story done.  Calls to the Big Ten office, I even spoke to Wayne Duke, who was the commissioner at that time.  All it took was a phone call to get permission and access.  The same thing to attend games, only a phone call to get credentials for several arenas. If that story would be done today, no doubt, endless phone calls, letters, and permissions from lawyers and others would be necessary.  

After Photo. Circa 2016 
At the Dallas Cowboy’s training field working with DCP Productions on a TV commercial for GEICO.  This time I’m with the Caveman! (Photo by Tony Gardner of Alerian, Inc.) No big glasses but I have readers and I am still using Nikon!  

For over 10 years been working with DCP, capturing behind the scenes imagery of their work.  Again, following my passion of photography and film production.  Understanding the nuances of filming has provided me the opportunity to work with this talented company.  Much like sports photography, you are capturing the subtle yet vital scenes that help tell the story.

Photography opened many doors.  It has allowed me to have incredible experiences and share my photos whether it be for a newspaper readership or company chronicle.  

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